Script Update - Mac (& iOS) Location Scraper (macOS and iOS 10 Updates)

Yep, you read that right - Mac Location Scraper! I've updated my 'iOS Location Scraper' script to be compatible with the same location database found on iOS - the cache_encryptedA.db (and lockCache_encryptedA.db) that are now found on macOS at least as far back as 10.8. 

On macOS these databases hold similar Wi-Fi location data. I have found these databases to be located in the /var/folders/zz/zyxvpxvq6csfxvn_n00000sm00006d/C/ directory. It appears to store about last seven days worth of Wi-Fi related data.

I have also updated the script to support the newer 'routined' CoreRoutine.sqlite database on iOS 10. This database does tend to get stored with a *.shm/*.wal database files so I would recommend pulling off all the files and consolidating them into the main database *.sqlite file, otherwise all the data will not be extracted.

You can get the script here!

Mac News & Updates - 08/11/16






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Script Update: Dump iOS Frequent Locations – Now with KML & CSV Output!

Update Details

I have added some output options to the script – CSV and KML.

See a related post here - "Parsing iOS Frequent Locations"

The script can now be called with a ‘-output’ argument with the following options:

  • k – KML Output only
  • c – CSV Output only
  • e – Everything (KML and CSV)

Note: The verbose script output is still available from standard output.


python dump_freq_locs.py –output e <StateModel#.plist>

Updated script (v1.1) is available in GitHub

Output Examples

Example of the CSV output in Excel

Example of the KML output in Google Earth

Example of the KML output in Google ‘My Maps’



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  • Analysis and Correlation of Mac Logs – Mac systems log a ton of data! This presentation helps correlate this information with other system artifacts to give the analyst a better view of what happened on the system.

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