BSidesNOLA Preso - The iOS of Sauron: How iOS Tracks Everything You Do

I was lucky enough to again be selected as a speaker at one of my favorite BSides conferences, BSidesNOLA (4 years running!). This one has THE BEST speaker party. Backyard tiki bar, homemade gumbo, boiled crawfish, jambalaya, bananas foster. If you want to speak at a fantastic forensics heavy security conference, I highly recommend this one!

I presented my newest presentation "The iOS of Sauron". This is a presentation that I will be continuously researching and updating so be sure to visit again to get the newest version. I hope to also write various blog articles going into more depth on some of the topics covered.

This is very much a pattern-of-life presentation - if you have a particular "pattern" you are looking for - let me know. If you think its important, I bet someone else does as well!

You can find the presentation here.