Mac News & Updates - 06/19/16

With WWDC happening this week there has been lots of Apple/Mac news, so I figured I would take this opportunity to put out a list of links and videos that I found worthwhile to read/watch. I hope to do this at somewhat regular intervals so keep an eye out for them! A good portion of these I’ve already tweeted out – but I’ve been told not everyone is on Twitter so here you go!


WWDC Videos can be streamed on various Apple devices or thru the Safari browser – for you Windows folks, you can download them in the ‘Resources’ section of each link below. All videos can be accessed from the main page here, I will highlight some of the videos I think are particular useful.

Blogs Articles & Other Web Links:


Upcoming Classes & Presentations:

I’ll be teaching my SANS FOR518 – Mac Forensic Analysis class at the following conferences, there are some bonus @Night presentations as well! I hope to see many of you at one of these conference some day!

SANS DFIR Summit Presentations in Austin, TX. There is still time to sign up for this one, starts next week! The DFIR Summit is one of my favorite conferences of the year! I like to call it Summer Camp for Digital Forensicators! 

  • Summit Presentation - The iOS of Sauron - How iOS Tracks Everything You Do on Thursday this week.
  •  @Night - iOS Location Forensics on Monday this week.

SANS Virginia Beach (Aug 28 – Sept 2) - This conference is right on the beach and makes it a really nice one to go to at the end of the summer season. Class during the day, walking the boardwalk in the breezy late summer evening! 

  • @Night – The iOS of Sauron- How iOS Tracks Everything You Do

SANS Network Security (Sept 12 – 17 in Las Vegas, NV) - Vegas is always a good time, and the weather in September isn’t too shabby either! 

  • @Night – The iOS of Sauron- How iOS Tracks Everything You Do

DFIR Prague (Oct 3 –  8 in the Czech Republic) - Stay for the Summit on the 9th!

SANS Cyber Defense Initiative (Dec 12 – 17 in Washington, DC)

  • @Night – The iOS of Sauron- How iOS Tracks Everything You Do

SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit (Jan 25 – 30 in Arlington, VA)