On the Fourth Day of APOLLO, My True Love Gave to Me – Media Analysis to Prove You Listened to “All I Want for Christmas is You” Over and Over Since Before Thanksgiving

The fourth day brings us media artifacts using the knowledgeC.db and CurrentPowerlog.PLSQL databases. Each database stores similar yet somewhat different records when it comes to audio, and video usage.

Let’s get in the mood!


Starting with the knowledgeC.db database we get an idea of audio inputs and outputs. Using the knowledge_audio_input_route and knowledge_audio_output_route modules we can extract this data.

The example below is audio inputs. Two different devices can be seen in the screenshot below, a CarPlay device and my AirPods.

In the output example we see the same two devices. Common to both is the fact that you may see it bouncing back and forth as devices are being used. For example, if you are using CarPlay rocking out to WHAM’s Last Christmas, it will bounce between playing your music and using the microphone/speaker to listen/dictate messages as they come in.

The knowledge_audio_media_nowplaying is where the real truth of your guilty musical pleasures will make an appearance. It provides a detailed listing of what the user was listening to at a particular time. The example below shows me listening to music, podcasts, and audio books. There is no denying that you started listening to holiday music entirely too early!


The powerlog_app_nowplaying module sounds like it should extract the same information as above, however it is different in that it will just show the application’s bundle ID being used to play the media.

More context can be found by using the powerlog_app_audio module. This module will extract the app/service name and/or bundle ID for the app using the audio function. In the screenshot below, I received a phone call and a bit later connected the iPhone to my car to listen to music. During that time, I was also using Siri (assistantd) to dictate messages. Fortunately for me, this database doesn’t show what I was listening to! 🤭

Similar to the module above, is the powerlog_audio_routing module. This shows where the audio was routed to, either the Speaker, Receiver, or Car in this example. 

Finally, the Powerlog populates a table just for videos. The powerlog_video module will show the application bundle ID that the video was played with, however not what video was playing.