On the Twelfth Day of APOLLO, My True Love Gave to Me – A To Do List – Twelve Planned Improvements to APOLLO

My Christmas gift to you - improvements!

  1. More Queries – There is plenty more to come. There are more databases and many half-written queries that I have yet to add.

  2. Additional Testing – I want these to be as accurate as possible.

  3. BLOB/Protobuf Parsing – More location information is useful.

  4. Plist Extracting – So much metadata that puts more context to the data.

  5. Database Coalescing – Those WAL files are important.

  6.  Data Visualization – Pretty pictures always help.

  7. Unarchiving of Powerlog Archive Files – Can’t forget about those archives!

  8. More macOS Coverage – I’ve been focusing on iOS, but there is some good macOS databases too.

  9.  Version Detection for Different SQL Queries

  10. Potentially Different Output Formats – Any special requests?

  11.  Better Module Documentation – Describe what each query is extracting in the module notes.

  12. Better Activity Categorization – More specific categories for better filtering.

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