On the Eleventh Day of APOLLO, My True Love Gave to Me – An Intriguing Story – Putting it All Together: A Day in the Life of My iPhone using APOLLO

I did a blog article, especially about the knowledgeC.db about a day in the life of my iPhone and it went over really well. I’ve decided to do a similar story using all the data that I’ve parsed from my iPhone using APOLLO, quite a bit more data to handle. For my device, I had 1.6 million rows!

Grab a holiday cocktail or a mug of eggnog and sit back and read the (quite boring) tale of my iPhone on September 16, 2018. This is the query I used for this day to filter it down from ~8800 rows.

On this particular day I was out celebrating my good friend Brian Moran’s Birthday at his house in Maryland. Around Midnight I decided it was time to leave and connected my phone to my car using CarPlay. The Device Status here shows the plugged in and CarPlay connections.

Next, I put in directions to “Home” in Apple Maps. I haven’t left yet, I’m still sitting in his driveway. You can see the SPEED is 0.0 in the Location output. Once I start to leave, you’d see that get populated.

During the drive I’m listening to Apple Music, in the Application Activity entries you can open these in the cell browser (depends on your SQL browser) to get more information than is seen in the screenshot row – some entries are very lengthy. Its late at night, good time for some dance music! 

I barely leave his house for five minutes before I receive a text from him in the Messages application (💕you Brian! 😂). Again, clicking the row for more information can be helpful. You can see how often I chat with a contact, over what application, and various related timestamps.

I message him back using Siri through CarPlay. The App Usage shows com.apple.assistant_service and com.apple.MobileSMS which is Siri dictation for the Messages application. Just after that you can partially see a Send Message Intent in Application Activity. The next Application Activity/Device Status is CarPlay switching back to my music.

Apple Watch data is sometimes activated during a drive – here you can see me getting my steps in while I’m clearly driving. 🤷🏻‍♀️

While my iPhone is connected to CarPlay, it is also charging. Note the BATTERY LEVEL increasing in the next two screenshots.

I get close to home, so I turn off my Maps navigation. The Application Activity can be used to determine my navigation “to” and “from” locations. Redacted below.

A few minutes later I’m home and parked, I disconnected my phone from my car.

I unlock my phone and start checking my Messages. You can also see some population of Significant Locations here as well.

I have an Orangetheory [https://www.orangetheoryfitness.com] class in the morning (later this morning, really), I better set an alarm. Also check to make sure I know what time the class is.

I plug the phone in before going to sleep.

Early in the morning, I want to know what time it is so I tap the screen to check. Still plenty of time to sleep!

I’m awake and (somewhat) active - I unplug the phone.

Of course, I need to check Twitter.

…and some other apps…

…and more apps, while drinking my coffee. 

Time to walk to the gym and start a workout. Once I select workout on my Apple Watch a couple of Health Workout Locations get populated with the coordinates of my gym. (Feel free to join me!)

In the middle of my workout I feel like I’m dying. 😵

A bit later I check WhatsApp, good to see my heart rate go down a bit too!

The afternoon is filled with research on my laptop at home. You’ll see plenty of location data of me going absolutely nowhere (other steps recorded around my condo) – however if you check my knowledgeC.db on my laptop things would be a bit more interesting!

I’m playing with the LiberiOS Jailbreak.

Looks like I logged in somewhere else that asked me for my two-factor code. (I don’t even remember.)

Check in my Fantasy Football team, not doing so awesome this year. 😬

Getting to Sunday evening, I start determining what I have to do in the next couple days. What exercise classes did I sign up for, what do I have to do on the 18th?

Finally, I set an alarm to make sure I get up on time for my workout.